Corporate Photography


egardless of the line of business you are in today, photography is important and more crucial to the promotion of your business than it has ever been. Good photographs help in effectively promoting your company’s products and services, on your organization brochures, flyers, website, and even in social media pages. It conveys a powerful statement about what you are as a company.

Photographs are very important marketing tools for your business. Quality photographs not only improve the overall perception and value of your business but also increase sales of goods or services. Using appealing, high-quality images that are right for your brand are proven to connect with your potential customers than text alone. Having professional images of your products and services will help build a good perception of your business and vital for any real and long-term growth.

The use of corporate photography to your business can be diverse. Photography can be used for branding & identity development and can be utilized in your visual marketing methods such as posters, leaflets and brochures. It can also be used on your website pages and on social media pages. At Velocity One Media, it is our dedication to offer the best and highest standards of excellent photography imagery. It is our mission to provide our clients with superb photographs that make their business stand out from competition. We provide professional event photography service for all kinds and size of events, which includes corporate events, product launch, fundraising events, award presentation, gala dinners, exhibitions events, fashion events, private parties, school and sport events.

Our company utilizes the latest technology and uses special equipment and techniques to insure top quality photographs. We have a complete range of studio equipment with professional studio lighting. You too can try and experience the best professional studio photography service at any of your own events by getting Velocity One Media photography services. We have a highly experienced and professional photographers with proven work history, customer service oriented, polite and excellent in communication.


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Our corporate photography services includes:

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